Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program cost for my child to participate?
There is no cost to the child or the families that participate in the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program.
2. Is the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program in Spanish and English?
Yes, the curriculum is bilingual. The Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program has been designed to be culturally appropriate for communities.
3. How can I reinforce what my child is learning at school, at home?
Parents can use the “weekly” Family Times News Letters given to children to promote a healthier lifestyle. Reinforcing the concepts taught in the classrooms.
4. How can I get information on implementing the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program in our school?
Contact the Social and Health Research Center (210) 533-8886 or via email at
5. Is the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program a T.E.A approved curriculum?
Yes, the curriculum is approved by the Texas Education Agency. Click link (
6. Does the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program include TEKS?
Yes, all lessons are compatible with required TEKS and are labeled at the beginning of each lesson.
7. Why should I ask for the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program to be in my school?
The Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program is an evidenced based curriculum that has been implemented throughout Texas and other states. The curriculum is based on over 15 years of research in helping reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity in children. The program has been recognized in several studies/projects with proven results to lower Body Mass Index (BMI), increase fruits and vegetables, increase fiber intake, and increase Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). All of which contribute to lowering BMI.


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