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The heart of the Social & Health Research Center (SHRC) is our commitment to reducing the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes in children as well as our dedication to research.  SHRC has been awarded the two largest National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants and has recently been awarded a 2 million grant from USDA.  SHRC has also received corporate funding from “Partners in the Community” such as WellMed, Baptist Health System, Medtronic, City of San Antonio, Astra Zenica and many more.  Click on Past Studies tab for more information. 
Studies by the SHRC have reported significant relationships between diabetes and being overweight; diabetes and low educational attainment; and diabetes and low socioeconomic status. Identifying potential causal factors for diabetes was the initial purpose of the SHRC. The purpose now is to implement the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program that can reduce the risk factors or prevent diabetes in youth from populations at-risk.  Since 1991, the SHRC has conducted over 20 research studies and has produced positive results in over 100,000 families.  Study objectives focus on decreasing the rates of positive screens for pre-diabetes (fasting capillary glucose; FCG > 100 mg/dl) and decreasing overweight rates (> 95th BMI percentile) .  Review the Journal Articles to read about our outstanding results. 
Journal articles have been published based on the reliability of our research.  School districts implementing the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program have had proven results to:
  • Increase health knowledge and skill
  • Increase dietary fiber intake
  • Increase physical activity
  • Decrease blood glucose levels
The Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program was developed using the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) as the theoretical model for health behavior change.  According to SCT, personal factors (health beliefs and knowledge), social factors (home, classroom, after school care and school cafeteria) and behavior (dietary fat intake, dietary fiber intake and physical activity) are interrelated and dynamic influences on each other.  See how the Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program influences changes. 
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