From Japhet:

"What you guys [Bienestar] do here, what you do for us...it's important because no one else is here to do it."

"I think it's a good program. I've been involved with it since it started and the curriculum Bienestar provides has given PE coaches something to work with as far as teaching nutrition goes."

From Brewer:

"The kids are so much more self-conscious now about the choices they make. One student will get chocolate milk for breakfast and the other kids will remind him he needs to get white milk at lunch. That kind of awareness wasn't around before the program."

"We cannot be more thankful for the helping hand SAHRC staff gives to our gym. Watching over 80 kids can be tough for two coaches. Having that extra person there makes a world of difference."

From WW White:

"The professionals at SAHRC really care about the children they work with. When our school's interventionist had to leave our school, the students and our staff were very sad to see him go."

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