Bienestar/NEEMA pre-kindergarten through 8th grade bilingual coordinated school health programs

The SAHRC operates the Bienestar/NEEMA pre-kindergarten through 8th grade coordinated school health programs and the BieneStar Adult Healthy Lifestyle Advocacy program. The Bienestar/NEEMA school health program components consist of structured curriculums aimed at the four environments that influence children’s health behaviors—home, classroom, gym, and school food service.  Large studies published in scientific journals have shown that the health programs operated by SAHRC has decreased obesity rates, waist circumference, body mass index, glucose, insulin and dietary fat intake; and increased dietary fiber intake and fitness levels in children. The Bienestar/NEEMA is Texas Education Agency-approved and recognized as a Successful Strategy by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and as a Research-Tested Intervention Program by the National Cancer Institute. 

SAHRC also implements the BieneStar Adult Healthy Lifestyle Program for obesity control in primary care clinics. Medicare and other health insurances began reimbursing for lifestyle interventions to control obesity. The participant’s eligibility for an insurer to cover this service is a body mass index of ≥30 kg/m2. Participants in the BuenaVida Healthy Lifestyle Advocacy program have had an average weight loss of 12 lbs. in their first six months of therapy. Please see COMMUNITY HEALTH for more information.

Bienestar/NEEMA Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Minds - Elementary School (Pre-K - 5th Health Class)

The goal of the Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Minds curriculum is to increase health knowledge and persuade students and families to adopt healthier lifestyles. The curriculum includes an instructor's book and a student workbook. It consists of 16 to 30 lesson plans, depending on the grade level, and a pre/post health knowledge exam.  The lessons cover nutrition, physical activity, mental health, oral health, and prevention of obesity and its associated chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Bienestar/NEEMA Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Minds - Middle School (6th - 8th Health Class)

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Bienestar/NEEMA Moving For Life (P.E. Class)

The goal of the Moving For Life P.E. curriculum is to maximize fitness.  The Moving For Life includes a teacher’s book that consists of 100 moderate-to-vigorous physical activities covering a broad range of exercise skills and sports activities. Activities targets heart beats to reach at least 140 per minute for at least half the P.E. class period. It includes structured P.E. lessons activities and classroom management skills.

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Bienestar/NEEMA Eat to Live (Food Service)

The Eat to Live program collaborates with food service staff to improve their nutrition knowledge and enhance their ability to promote healthy food choices to students. The goal of the cafeteria program is to use the school cafeteria as a learning environment to encourage healthier dietary practices.  The Eat to Live curriculum includes an instructor’s book for food service managers and workbooks for food service staff.  The books consist of 11 lesson plans that cover topics in nutrition, oral health, general health, and the role of nutrition to prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The curriculum also comes with a pre/post health knowledge test. 

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Bienestar/NEEMA MyFamily/MiFamilia (Home)

The goal of the MyFamily/MiFamilia newsletter is to encourage parents to adopt healthier household lifestyles. 


The newsletter is a take-home activity that consists of 9 issues providing information on healthy eating and exercise.  Issues include healthy recipes, cooking tips, exercise challenges and knowledge about obesity, oral health, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease prevention.  

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