Physical Education Activities: Moving for Life - Hard copies

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Includes 1 hard copy of The Selected Grades Physical Education Activities: Moving For Life (4th Edition) Lesson Activities

The Social & Health Research Center (SAHRC) is excited to release its fourth edition of the Bienestar/NEEMA curriculum. This product originates out of years of research, education, and training to develop our nationally recognized Bienestar/NEEMA preschool through 8th Grade diabetes prevention curriculum. Bienestar/NEEMA evolved into the Texas Education Agency approved Coordinated School Health Program. As the childhood obesity epidemic threatens to alter the lifelong health of our most precious resource---children, the SAHRC is committed to educating and transforming the lives of our very young learners. Prevention is primary and we believe that preschool/early childhood education has the greatest opportunity to impact the knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors of our young learners. We hope that you will enjoy teaching and learning from this fun and engaging adventure to help our young learners and their families learn about lifestyle habits that help them to stay healthy. The curriculum aims to help you become our partners in the fight to reduce the childhood obesity epidemic and control the onset of diabetes in our children. So, let's begin the journey to help our boys and girls eat healthier, exercise daily, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep to grow and be healthy!

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