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Carbs: Are they a friend or foe?


Are they our friend? Why do so many people refuse to eat them? Are they vital to my wellbeing? People lose weight on these fad diets or zero carb diets.

Here is the skinny on those no carb diets…they are NOT healthy!

What is a carbohydrate? Carbs in short are sugars that are found in fruits, vegetable, grains and milk products. These are the good carbs not the manufactured ones found in soda, candy and other sugary byproducts.

Why do we need them? Our bodies use these healthy carbohydrates as fuel. It turns these natural sugars into energy to help get us through the day. Sure protein is a wonderful substance but carbs and protein go hand in hand to create the perfect bond to get your body going through the day. With the perfect ratio for carbs to protein a healthy lifestyle is certainly attainable!

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